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We are on Hiatus - Check back soon for our 2020 workshop dates.

Lightroom Photography Workshop

(Adobe Lightroom and post production)

Justin Aitken has been in the professional photography industry for over 10 years. His work is 90% based in Lightroom nowadays.

"My time in the industry so far has been a challenging ride, there has been so much to learn and I have enjoyed the process. This course is for newbies, enthusiasts, or those who are just starting out in their career, no matter what genre of photography interests you, this course will help you. Allow me to share my workflow with you, to help you move on to the next level, to enable you to stand out from the crowd, and to inspire you to create and grow as an artist"   ....   Justin Aitken

What we’ll focus on in this workshop:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Working with RAW

  • Catalogs

  • Importing & Exporting photos

  • Lightroom Modules

  • Organising photos

  • Non Destructive Editing

  • Local Adjustments

  • Presets

  • Rating & Culling (Deleting)

  • Working smart

  • Using Photoshop with Lightroom

  • Justin’s workflow

  • Finding your style

And many other tips and tricks

Who this workshop is for: Anyone who is new to post production. It's for anyone who wants to learn about Lightroom, and take the next step in organising, creating, editing and post processing their own images for great results. If you have done our Foundations Workshops, then this one is a great next step for you.


Queensberry Ltd
13 Waikaukau Road
Glen Eden
Auckland, 0602

What you need to bring:

1) You will need your own laptop & mouse, and basic computer skills, along with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed. Please bring your laptops fully charged, with your chargers

(NOTE - For those who don’t yet have Lightroom or Photoshop, please visit the Adobe website to download a trial version. Please ensure you have enough time remaining on your trial before attending the workshop. Alternatively, you can also sign up for an Adobe Creative Cloud plan (We suggest the Photography plan).

2) Bring some of your own favourite images (in RAW format), so that we can work through the exercises and you can work along with me as we go. Ensure these are with you either on your laptop or on an external drive.

3) The desire to learn, grow, experiment, and create - in an un-rushed environment! :)


This workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 students per session. As with all of our workshops, there will be time for questions and answers

No prior knowledge of Lightroom is required

Learn Lightroom & photography post production